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Hey parents!  Here’s a wonderful new opportunity to learn how to help your kids learn…

What I learned about the brain from The Institutes enabled me to bring my daughter from brain-injured and learning-disabled to ready for business school.  It has also allowed me to help students in my private tutoring practice reach higher levels of achievement than their parents and teachers expected.  As a licensed teacher and literacy expert (with a Master’s degree in education to boot), I have loved teaching one-on-one for the last decade.  But the problem is that I can only reach a handful of kids each year in that capacity.  That no longer feels good enough, given that what I know about the brain has the power to transform lives and families so much for the better.  Now, I want to show you how you can teach your child and get the amazing results that I have been getting.

Over the years, my students consistently:

  • Advance several reading levels in a short time
  • Improve in reading comprehension
  • Develop excellent vocabulary
  • Become confident writers
  • Build solid math foundations
  • Begin to love learning
  • Understand their own learning needs and develop a study plan with those needs in mind

And, their parents:

  • Understand the cause of their children’s learning frustrations and how to deal with them effectively
  • Know what they can do to support their children’s progress on the days between tutoring sessions (after all, they spend more time with their kids than I do!)
  • Have fun working with their own kids and recognize the genius potential coming forward
  • See the root causes of behavioral issues more clearly
  • Become their kids’ best advocates at school
  • Experience less stress about their children’s academic performance

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The truth is that learning is a neurological function and it happens best when the brain is getting everything it needs.  I’d love to show you how!

Here’s how we can work together:

Phone (or Skype) consultation

In this one-hour call, you will learn the basics of brain growth and get a few simple tips that you can implement immediately to support your child’s learning.  You will also get my favorite techniques for teaching your child to love learning and how to make sure that their reading skills are off on the right track.

Ongoing personal coaching

After our initial consultation, you are eligible for ongoing personal coaching with me.  At this point, I will get to know you and your child more intimately and be able to tailor my advice to meet your specific needs.  We will touch base weekly to discuss progress and concerns, and I will provide email support to address your questions as you implement my recommendations to move your child toward his/her learning goals.  This program lasts for 16 weeks to ensure that we give enough time for significant changes to happen and results to be measurable.

Half-day workshops (coming soon)

For homeschooling co-ops or other professional organizations geared toward learning and literacy, I offer half-day workshops that cover the basics of brain growth and how learning is a result of that.  I teach the foundations of supporting optimal brain development, including nutrition, exercise, and specific teaching methods that honor the brain’s needs for learning, memory, and skill acquisition.  For more information or to schedule a workshop for your group, use the email link below.

So, let’s get started!  Together, we can unleash the seeds of potential in your child…

Email me at to schedule your initial consultation today at a special low introductory rate (good for the month of May)!

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We are going to take excellent care of your child’s brain and unlimited learning will come from there…here’s to the blossoming!


*Please note that I am not affiliated with The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential.  If you have concerns about your child’s neurological development, or if your child has been diagnosed with a neurological disorder, please contact for help.  My offer is not for you if you have a special needs child being treated on an IAHP program.  In that case, you are already in the best hands.