“My daughter was at a point in her academic career that she had lost complete faith in herself and her ability to understand math.  She is such a bright, kind, and amazing girl, but had absolutely no confidence in her ability to learn.  A friend of mine had given me Darci’s information, but I was skeptical.  We had tried tutors before, but so many of them said the same thing.  They told me that she just was not paying attention, not trying.  No one could break down the walls that my daughter had built in defense of her failure.  I called Darci, and from her first appointment, my daughter started to see hope again.  She felt that Darci was on her team.  My daughter has found faith in herself…she has discovered that she can learn.  We have Darci to thank for that.”     ~E.S. (USA)


“Darci was the perfect tutor for my son. He has a special learning disability related to epilepsy and has a hard time learning to express himself with words. Writing papers, taking tests, and self-expression of any kind has always been difficult for him.  Darci has a unique ability to turn all that frustration into productive thinking, high ability test taking and word organization. I was so impressed and amazed at the work she inspired him to produce.”     ~A.C. (USA)


“Darci made such an impact on my children’s learning. My son in particular, has several learning disabilities and within a couple sessions with Darci he was able to recognize words and start beginning reading. It was beyond anything I had expected. Darci instilled a confidence in the children and the method was simple and fun for us to work on at home. Her method empowered the children and gave them an excitement for learning.”     ~D.R. (USA)