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Hello, Dear Readers!

Since the beginning of my blog, I’ve done my best to write what I felt most passionate about sharing.  My truest intent was to tell the story, the whole story, about my daughter Haylie’s journey from a brain-injured baby to a well woman on her way to business school.  There were so many twists and turns in that road, so many moments that I felt overwhelmed and alone that my most sincere desire in sharing our story was to reach moms and dads out there who might be where I once was.  To reach them and to tell them what I had so much needed to hear, “you can do this, ” and, “you are not alone.”

I once felt so alone in my wish that my daughter be well (when she was not).  I thought that, perhaps, my dream for Haylie’s complete and utter well-being, the full promise of her life’s potential, was…maybe…just a dream.  And that was painful.  To want something and to believe that it is not possible is the root of all suffering.  So, what most reasonable folks do is to dial down their desire.  They settle.  Unfortunately, I just wasn’t built that way.  And right now, I’m hot in the throes of getting this book done that explains just how that went for me.  But, in the meantime, I wanted to reach out to share the HOPE with other mamas and papas who, like me, have a dream for their child that just hasn’t come to fruition yet (YET).  And to hold them up with the hope of possibility that comes from hearing about how someone else has accomplished a similar dream.  To say, “it is possible!”

And, the feedback I get from you is amazing and touching and inspiring!  Thank you for letting me know how my writing has touched and helped you…that’s why I do it!  Now, I want to know what it is that you want to hear more about from me?  As I continue to share the story of how we made Haylie well, I want to teach you what I learned about:

The importance of nutrition and diet

Exercise – how and why (and it’s very important)

How the brain learns and how to teach it

Seizures and how we prevent them


Reading, literacy and the brain

Writing and why it matters

And much more!


The question is…what do you most want to read about next?  What are your questions, concerns, problems, curiosities?  Let me know in the comments or send me an email at

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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New Beginnings…

Something about the holidays tugs at us to reflect, to look back, to remember.  I am flooded with memories of being a child, of my own daughter’s childhood, of people who are gone now, and the person I used to be (also gone now).  The dawning of this new year, for me, brings to fruition so much of the promise I worked so long and hard for.  It is almost difficult for my mind to accept that a new life is unfolding all around me. Continue reading

Meet Adele…

So, when I finally took Haylie home from Riley Hospital, she was just over a month old.  She had survived spinal meningitis, though it left her, according to our doctors, “brain damaged” and at risk for multiple “disabilities” in her life ahead.  What they told me is that she could develop cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, motor delays, that she would always be at high risk for seizures, and would likely spend the rest of her life medicated for them.  Not the kind of news a mother wants to hear.  Still, these ambiguities sounded better, much better, than what my friend Mei heard when she took her baby, Adele, to the neurologist at just two months old. Continue reading

A Second Homecoming…

So, within our first few days in the ICU, we knew that the meningitis had caused extensive brain damage.  And we knew that she was mostly out of the woods.  In other words, she wasn’t going to die.  But there were still many unknowns and a long course of antibiotics to complete to ensure the infection would not return.

The three weeks we spent at Riley Children’s Hospital went slowly by.  It was a lot of long days by Haylie’s bedside, punctuated with bits of drama Continue reading

A special opportunity for you (or someone you know)…

Happy Tuesday to you!  IMG_5194

This post is a bit different than usual…

I started this blog as a way to share pieces of the book I am working on because I didn’t want to wait until it was finished and published – which can be a long road – to be able to share the hope and inspiration that would come from our story with the people who desperately needed it.  The story of a little cross-eyed, uncoordinated, confused, frustrated, learning-disabled, brain-injured girl who had frequent tantrums and seizures.  That little girl is now preparing for business school, as you know. Continue reading