A special opportunity for you (or someone you know)…

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This post is a bit different than usual…

I started this blog as a way to share pieces of the book I am working on because I didn’t want to wait until it was finished and published – which can be a long road – to be able to share the hope and inspiration that would come from our story with the people who desperately needed it.  The story of a little cross-eyed, uncoordinated, confused, frustrated, learning-disabled, brain-injured girl who had frequent tantrums and seizures.  That little girl is now preparing for business school, as you know.

During all those years that I worked with Haylie to make her well, I learned about the brain.  How it works, how it learns, what it needs, why it does the things that it does, and how that all plays out in behavior, performance, in all the things we call “success” in the world.

And in the meantime, I got a Master’s degree, worked as a teacher, a private tutor, a literacy specialist, a language consultant, a workshop facilitator, and continued to study nutrition, movement, and the brain.  And, I cannot NOT apply what I know about the brain to each of my endeavors, enriching the experience of those I work with, making their outcomes even better.

For example, most of the elementary kids I tutor in reading go from a first grade level to a fifth or sixth grade level within a year or two.  I’ve been able to help students struggling in math to overcome their anxiety and succeed even higher than their grade level.  My students with learning disabilities almost always achieve higher levels of comprehension than their teachers or parents ever expected.  And, their stress goes away and they find a new joy and love of learning.


One mom says that I have “magic in my pockets.”  Except, that when she starts implementing the things I recommend, her daughter does even better…so it’s not just me.  But it is what I know.  What I know about the brain.

So, today I am opening up a new avenue of opportunity for myself, and for you!  I am now offering private consultations to teach parents what I know about how the brain learns so that you can implement this incredibly important information and see the difference it can make in your own family.

This opportunity is for you if:

  • you would like to home school your child but don’t feel confident in knowing what to do or how
  • your child is behind in school and you worry that he or she could be struggling
  • your child is ahead at school and you worry that he or she could be bored
  • your child has some behavior issues at school (always in trouble for talking during silent reading time?)
  • your child’s test results don’t show what you feel they are really capable of
  • you want to play an active role in your child’s love of life-long learning


Most parents I hear from today are growing more concerned about the safety, outcomes, and increased focus on testing in our public schools.  Many parents leave public education behind in an effort to “unschool” their kids or immerse them in a more positive, supportive environment during their early learning years.  But, none of the parents I meet with truly understand how the brain works or how to tailor their learning programs to the needs of a developing brain so that it can reach its full potential.  Learning has remained a bit of a mystery.

The truth is that children are far more capable, far brighter, and far more eager to learn than we give them credit for in our mainstream culture.  I would love to show you how you can assist your child in reaching high levels of intellectual achievement while at the same time honoring their need to be children, to play, to have fun.  It doesn’t have to be either/or.  Nor should it be.

Would you like to understand what really fosters intellectual growth and learning in your child?  Would you like to be able to help them achieve their highest potential without sacrificing the best parts of their childhood years?  Would you like some support from someone who knows what works (and what doesn’t)?  I’m excited to help you and set you on the path to long term success and easy, stress-free learning for your kids.  It doesn’t need to be a struggle and I’m here to show you how.

Click here to get started!

As always, feel free to share…please pass this along to anyone you know who would benefit from having a bit of hand-holding from a seasoned mentor in the most important job a parent has – giving their kids a solid foundation for life-long learning!

In service and with gratitude,


P.S. This offer is not for you if you have a special needs child being treated on an IAHP program.  If that is the case,  then you are already in the best hands.  😉


Next up…back to the story!


One thought on “A special opportunity for you (or someone you know)…

  1. This is a rewarding endeavour, Darci! So happy you are doing something that you love, that will make a remarkable difference in people’s lives. Congratulations and best wishes – this will be great!


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